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Starting the New 2014 Year in Real Estate "Herth becomes Vanguard"

January 8th, 2014 5:59 PM by Roxanne Mercer

So I start the new year with a new company name. I did not change my location, co workers or standards. What has changed is that Herth Real Estate was merged with Vanguard Properties.

    At first it was scary with a feeling of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it". With change comes fear and mourning of what was. Now, after changing names and logos not to mention meeting an entire new group of people of with a new way of doing things....the benefits are starting to show themselves. Benefits for me, you and and all the future clients down the road. Whether you are buying or selling there is always a win win scenario when you go from a company of 60 to 200+. There are now 3 offices in San Francisco. Financial district, Castro and Noe Valley. And 3 locations in Sonoma County... Healdsburg, Sebastopol and best of all Guerneville.(Russian River).

    I have been with Herth Real Estate for 6 years and have become very comfortable with the way things are. At 50 something embracing change is not an exciting endeavor. But I will have to admit that updating and dusting off the web site and forms and overall view of organization and follow thru has become fun in a way of "what else can I fix, update or just do better.

   So now I offer to you my first blog and hopefully will be prompt with new and updated blogs on a regular basis. I write like I talk so a professional author, I am not. Hopefully, some of what I have to say will be interesting and helpful to you.

   In future blogs, we will have lots of conversations on inspections, loan process and escrow stuff you may not have known about.

  Thank you for tuning in.. until next time.............

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Posted by Roxanne Mercer on January 8th, 2014 5:59 PM